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Terra Wing

Terra Wing is a professional, efficient and precise mapping tool.

The product is dedicated to 2D & 3D mapping applications in surveying, mining, power engineering, forestry or agriculture.

Terra SLAM

Terra SLAM is a laser scanning drone solution designed for underground mines, tunnels, and similarly dark and constricted zones. Equipped with collision avoidance, use cases include large pipes, underground tanks, unmanned facilities, and any collapsible or dangerous structure.

Terra Lidar System

Terra drone will provide
the aerial LiDAR survey solution that has been customised for each industry. Our LiDAR solution can reduce the time, cost and complexity of inspections and surveying.


Obtain UAV and Geospatial Solutions specific to your Domain to enhance
your workflows and make better business decisions.


Map your business site with accuracy to understand the terrain and trends on its surface to obtain specific data to ascertain your next decision.



Hawkeye view of your business site

Point Cloud

Point Cloud

Accurate model of your terrain surface

3D Model

3D Model

Visualize & plan in 3D



Determine the trend of the site surface

Digital Elevation Model

Digital Elevation Model

Visualize the site surface at its original elevation

Topographic Map

Topographic Map

Get digital depiction of the features on – site

Thematic Map

Thematic Map

Obtain requirement specific outputs for your data

Asset Mapping

Asset Mapping

Make the most of your LiDAR data


Integrate the Internet of Things with your workflows for total transparency
with lesser inefficiencies and greater quality.

Traffic Management Solutions

Mapping Solutions

Smart City Solutions


Plan ahead with agility and monitor
all the process while you are able to analyze and decide accordingly.

UAV Software

  • Plan
  • Monitor
  • Process
  • Analyze

IoT Software

  • System integration software
  • Middleware development
  • User interface

Web & Mobile App Development

  • Visualize
  • Manage
  • Connect

Training & Consultancy

We aim to shape a better tomorrow. Through this module, we plan to generate a more informed
and inspired workforce, equipped with knowledge and awareness.


Join us to learn the basics of UAV and GIS and gain the professional guidance you need.


Learn the basics of GIS

Introduction to the UAV

Classroom Training


Be a part of the informed workforce through hands-on field training from our experts.


Fly a UAV

Process UAV Data

Analyze Outputs


Receive services from our GIS and UAV experts to strategize your business plans.


Project Specific

Techno Commercial

Detailed Project Report

Feasibility Report

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