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Survey of Cliff Wall Using 3D Laser Scanner and UAV

Terra Drone Co., Ltd was contracted on disaster mitigation project in Hokkaido, Japan to conduct a laser drone survey solution. Comparison between traditional way with new technology, has offered safer and faster construction management by using sophisticated 3D land surveying.
The slope is precipitous cliff, where is easily occurred disasters like falling rocks and landslide. To preventing the disasters to happen and influencing to road transport network, they put concrete block and did land adjustment. Oriconmanai slope is steep and 100 metre high. It is difficult for traditional surveying, but drone photogrammetry can cover all area with different angle and blind spot.
Because of land surveying by Terra drone laser drone was adopted so, it was decided to carry out accurate volume calculation of concrete by three-dimensional modelling of the slope of the rock wall.


           3D Model

Traditional surveying work is extension of the formal frame, volume calculation and man-hour management. In additionall, accuracy in large area was difficult and time consuming for manpower. In the other hand, laser drone surveying creates large volume of calculations precisely, due to it creates a 3D mapping by grouping the current state topography. We are also planning surveying with the laser drone about managing a degree of construction technique against the standards of the contractor. In the disaster restoration construction site that people used to do, constructors were challenging by cliff as prevention of falling accidents at high altitude working place.
Thanks to a laser loaded drone, it is safe It is possible to proceed with accurate construction. Terra Drone goal is zero accidents at the construction site. While promoting the introduction of new technology, we will be further promoting improvement of the working environment and productivity improvement in the construction industry.