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Utilizing Autonomous UAV Photogrammetry for Stadium Inspection

With a combined effort from Terra Drone Co. Ltd and Tokyu Community Co. Ltd, Major Property Management Company in Japan. Head office: Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan, were able to introduce an autonomous drone flight photogrammetry for the maintenance of Shizuoka Ecopa Stadium. In doing so, this helped with the development of the efficiency of business quality.
Situated in the Shizuoka prefecture, Ecopa Stadium was the stadium responsible for holding the 2002 FIFA world cup. Whereas, Tokyu Community Co. Ltd is a part of the company of Football association in Shizuoka prefecture responsible for performing the administrative operations of this stadium.

In an aim to promote efficiency and the overall safety of maintenance, Tokyu Community has decided to conduct their system administration using Terra Drone’s UTM system. The lengthy maintenance was previously conducted by physical workers, therefore, there were high concerns in the level of risk involved.
However, once drone photogrammetry is introduced, maintenance will not only be more effective and safer, but it will also capture a wider area. This will especially help with the inspection of roof areas that are hard and dangerous to reach, but once the UTM system is introduced, data collection will be more accurate and faster. The overall maintenance safety will also increase.
In short, Terra Drone and Tokyu Community will both co-operate together with a goal to succeed. Together they aim to improve their services and extend it to other areas, wherever drones can help improve productivity.