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Terra Wing

Dedicated Survey-Grade Tailor-Made Fixed Wing UAS

Weight                            2.3 kgs
Endurance                      ~60 mins
Speed                             10-25 m/s
Battery                            9000 mAh
Camera                           24/ 42 MP
GSD                                2 cms at 100 m Altitude
RTK/PPK                         Enabled (Single/Dual Frequency)



Infrastructure Inspection, Topographical Survey for Mining, Agriculture and Utilities.

Terra SLAM

World’s First Drone Solution for Underground Mines

Flight Time Upto 20 mins with single battery configuration
Weight 1 kg + Payload
Configuration Three drone quick-change configurations: wheels, legs and without any of the previous mentioned.
Operation Three First Person View (FPV), low lux, cameras for dark environments switchable from the radio transmitter
Protection All electronics enclosed and protected against dust and water splashes
Battery High voltage Lithium-Polymer batteries (LiHV) for increased flight time and efficiency
Material Carbon fiber integrated main body propeller protectors



Underground Mapping, Videography and Imagery for Underground Mines and Utilities.

Terra Lidar System

Turnkey Multi-Antenna GNSS LiDAR System

Laser VLP – 16 HDL  32 C
Weight 3.8 kgs 3.9 kgs
Measurement Range 100 m 200 m
Range Accuracy Up to ±3 cm Up to ±3 cm
Field of View (Vertical) 30° (+15.0° to -15.0°) 40° (-25° to +15°)
Acquired Points
  • Single Return Mode: ~300,000 points per second
  • Dual Return Mode: ~600,000 points per second
  • – Single Return Mode: ~600,000 points per second –
  • Dual Return Mode: ~1,200,000 points per second
Operating voltage 12 to 18 V 10.5 V – 18 V
Power consumption 13 W 10 W
Channels 16 32



Surveys for Roads, Utilities, Mines and Urban areas.

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