Terra Drone and MS Telcom Sign MOU
~ Contributing to the Creation of New Industries in Angola, the Second Largest Oil Producer in Sub-Saharan Africa ~


TOKYO, June 6, 2023-Terra Drone Corporation has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) on June 6, 2023, with MS Telcom, a subsidiary of Sonangol, the state-owned oil company of Angola. Through this MOU, both companies aim to promote cooperation in the Angolan market and strive to create new industries.

●Background and Purpose of the MOU

Angola, the second-largest oil producer in Sub-Saharan Africa, joined OPEC in 2007. Currently, there are other industries present in the country and efforts are being made to diversify the economy. Industries such as agriculture and diamond are growing, and the government is striving to promote the development of further sectors. Efforts towards diversification are underway, which in the future could reduce dependence on oil and potentially achieve sustainable growth. Issues such as rising inflation and unemployment are recognized, and active measures are required, with the government working on these challenges.

MS Telcom, which provides communication services to industrial customers in Angola, is aiming to offer not only communication services but also advanced digital solutions to various sectors, such as oil & gas, refining, mining, and government institutions, as a means to solve productivity and cost-efficiency problems they are facing. This includes using drone technology for efficient operations monitoring, improving productivity, and reducing unnecessary costs. MS Telcom believes that drones hold the potential to solve problems that their customers are facing, and is considering offering drone services integrated with communication services.

In selecting a drone partner, MS Telcom valued Terra Drone’s abundant track record overseas and its collaboration with Aramco, which boasts the world’s second-largest market capitalization. As a result, Terra Drone was chosen as the optimal drone partner for MS Telcom due to its high technical prowess and reliability.

Through this new partnership, Terra Drone aims to provide drone solutions to MS Telcom’s customers, seeking to create new industries and increase its presence in Angola.

Through this new partnership, Terra Drone and MS Telcom intend to expand their presence in the African market, through drone solutions for customers in the various sectors of the African west region especially in Angola. This partnership will allow the creation of new business, attend current and capture new customers for MS Telcom and Terra Drone.

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