Our Vision

Now it is time for the whole of Japan to stand up again.
The Terra Group will lead the way and revive the pride of the Japanese.

As a venture company from Japan, Terra Group strives to be a company that will make an impact beyond that of Apple and Samsung in the world. In the Meiji Era in Japan, the young elite unified together towards a common goal to construct a modern nation, and they gave more than 200 percent of their power in their own place, welcoming in a new era. Following the second world war, many global companies were born from the ashes, with the will for "Japan reconstruction" in mind. In such a time it can be said that Japan as a whole, had the spirit for start-up venture companies. In Silicon Valley, Korea, Taiwan, and China, growing venture companies are generating huge amounts of employment and wealth, and are leading the nation. Meanwhile, in Japan, major companies such as electric machinery manufacturers have declined, while being covered with an invisible feeling of obstruction. Now, it is time for Japanese venture companies to overcome this stagnation. Terra Group was founded on the premise of fighting in the global market of a technological field that Japan could export to the world. By creating and leading a new market, we will prove once again that Japanese venture companies will make a meaningful contribution to the world. In addition, we will inspire Japanese society, especially young people to compete in the world and to overcome obstacles and risks.

CEO of Terra Drone Toru Tokushige

Our Service

Our Business
We provide useful services for controlling the volume of soil and manage the progress of construction, with laser survey and photogrammetry using drone (UAV), and high-precision 3-dimensional drawings in a short time.
We have worked over 200 times in domestic civil engineering survey by drone, including orders from major general contractor and construction machine makers.
In addition, we also develop UTM (UAV Traffic Management) business, a system that grasps real-time location information of unmanned aerial vehicles and supports efficient and safe flights of multiple drones.

Terra Mapper

Terra Mapper is image processing software designed to assist drone surveying services. Terra Mapper is an automated drone navigation, image processing, and 3D image analysis program. It can be utilized on its own, rather than requiring the use of multiple different supplementary software. Terra Mapper can be utilized in a variety of industries such as surveying, mining, agriculture, inspection, real estate, general insurance and more!

LiDAR Solution

We provide the aerial LiDAR survey solution that is customized for each industry. Our LiDAR solution can reduce the time, cost and complexity of inspections and surveying, and enables you to capture DEM even with vegetation or other obstacles. With our SLAM system, drones navigate over the terrain without GPS – indoors as well as outdoors.

UTM & Flight Operation System

We have developed UTM (UAV Traffic Management), a system that grasps real-time location information of unmanned aerial vehicles and supports the efficiency and safe flights of multiple drones.

Training Support Service

Featured are our original drone technology, high-security quality, high-speed data analysis, reflexive response, and cutting-edge software. Our training support service such as the following; 

  • - Drone flight training
  • - Image processing software training (Terra Mapper)
  • - Drones buying guide

And more!

Our Team

CEO of Terra Drone, Toru Tokushige, has an outstanding commercial background from establishing a business in Silicon Valley after working for a large Japanese company. He combines the positive features of Japanese companies and Silicon Valley startups. Talented members of various backgrounds have joined the Terra Motors team including professional engineers from Toyota, Honda, and Yamaha. Joined by a strategic consultant from a top consulting firm, Terra Drone has also attracted venture minded talent from top universities around Japan. Terra Group shareholders are some of the most distinguished business people in Japan. Among them is Mr. Idei, former chairman of Sony, Mr. Yamamoto, former vice president of Apple, and Mr. Tsujino, former president of Google Japan. Terra Drone will continue to lead innovation in the field of UAV globally with a Silicon Valley sensibility.

  • CEO of Terra Drone Toru Tokushige

    Toru Tokushige, has an outstanding commercial background establishing a business in Silicon Valley after working for a large Japanese company.
    He combines the positive features of Japanese companies and Silicon Valley startups.


Company Name

Terra Drone Corporation


March 2016


(+81) 3-6674-9558


(+81) 3-6690-4419


5-53-67, Jinguumae, Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan

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Paid in Capital

299,750,000 yen


Drone Business

Group Company

  • Terra Motors株式会社

    Terra Motors Corporation

    Established in April 2010. We manufacture and sell electric motorcycles and electric three wheels mainly in Asia. Current, we are developing business mainly in India, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Nepal.

  • Unifly NV(本社ベルギー)

    Unifly NV(Headquarters in Belgium)

    Flemish institute for technological research (VITO) established the business independently in 2015. It is a software company that provides aviation related solutions for drone and manned aircraft. Currently provided services are UNIFLY LAUNCHPAD, UNIFLY PRO, UNIFLY SENTRY, UNIFLY CONNECT.


Office Locations

Terra Drone Japan

  • Head Office(Tokyo)

    Kosumosu-aoyama south #303
    5-53-67, Jinguumae, Shibuya-Ku,
    Tokyo, Japan
    (+81) 3-6419-7193

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  • Kyushu Office(Fukuoka)

    Buruku-hatakaekimae #502
    3-18-8, Hakataekimae,Hakata-ku
    Fukuoka-shi, Fukuoka, Japan
    (+81) 92-409-8980

    Google Map

Terra Drone Australia

  • Brisbane Office

    Level 3
    315 Brunswick Street
    Fortitude Valley
    QLD 4000 Australia

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  • Sydney Office

    525 Harris St, Ultimo,
    New South Wales,
    2007, Australia

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  • Melbourne Office

    Level 27, Rialto South Tower,
    525 Collins Street, Melbourne,
    3000, Australia

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