Mine Surveying

Terra Drone has developed a risk reduction, cost saving survey solution for the mining industry.

Mining Survey

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Terra Drone has developed costsaving survey technology for the mining industry.

We provide accurate deliverables with our long withstanding performance UAV. Our UAVs effectively collect accurate data from an entire open pit operation and generate client specific deliverables including progress monitoring, mapping data of an entire mining site, and measurement of extraction volumes. We can also provide the aerial LiDAR solution for mining industries. Terra Drone can effectively customise the technology to provide the best outcome for your project.

Service Features

Terra drone has the following three unique points that make it beneficial for mining aerial surveys:

Terra Drone is committed to a complete aerial survey solution, with a focus on safety,efficiency and reducing the cost of acquiring critical project information.

  • 原料ヤード在庫量/ピットの体積/全体図の計測及び管理

    Long endurance UAV

    We have long endurance UAVs. This fixed wing type UAV will fly automatically for 2 hours and collect surface data efficiently.

  • eBee改良機体(名称未定)で鉱山測量現場の効率化

    3D mapping

    Our LiDAR system is integrated with a fixed wing type UAV. Terra drone can provide real-time 3D mapping solutions for customers.

  • 球体ドローンを使用したUnder Ground 調査

    2D/3D mapping

    We have an original data management platform. This tool maximises the surveyed data effectively, and creates 2D/3D mapping products, topography, heat mapping, orthophotos and customisable data products.


SETP1 Contact


Please contact us by telephone (0415 224 541) or filling out our contact form. Our staff are well equipped with drone inspection experience and will listen to your requests. Please do not hesitate to contact us for various enquiries, drone specifications or general queries.

SETP2 Plan

Estimate, Preliminary planning

We will propose an optimal survey plan based on the customer's needs, taking into account the schedule dates, location, surveying accuracy, fee, the flight path of drones and other necessary considerations.

SETP3 Flight

Measurement flight

Our drone pilot goes to site and conducts the necessary data capture. Depending on the situation of the site, we will revise the flight route, altitude, speed and make on site adjustments to conduct surveying with high accuracy.

SETP4 Data

Data processing, Delivery

We process enormous amounts of images to create and deliver 3D model data that can be imported to directly to the customer’s CAD. We can easily measure soil volume, verify the topography before construction and manage the progress of construction and other necessary functions that will improve operation efficiency.