Land Surveing

Land surveying with Terra Drone has been a proven comprehensive and complete service.

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About Service

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We provide civil engineering solutions using data accumulated from our UAV.

Depending on project requirements, our data product offerings include three-dimensional models, sectional view and volumetric calculations. The cost of our method is one fifth and the time can be as low as one tenth of conventional surveying methods.

Service Features

  • Cost and time reduction

    Using our proprietary technology, we can deliver at lower costs while taking up less time compared to conventional surveying methods.

  • Industry achievements

    We have completed over 400 survey projects for major general contractors and construction equipment rental companies. Our clients become our partners, keen to continue using our unique surveying technology. We are gaining the reputation of being the no.1 supplier in Japan.

  • Data analysis・Consultation

    In relation to our relevance in civil engineering surveying, we analyse each dataset and extract project data in a structured format. We offer the best complete solution for your operation.


SETP1 Contact


Please contact us by telephone (0415 224 541) or filling out our contact form. Our staff are well equipped with drone inspection experience and will listen to your requests. Please do not hesitate to contact us for various enquiries, drone specifications or general queries.

SETP2 Plan

Estimate, Preliminary planning

We will propose an optimal survey plan based on the customer's needs, taking into account the schedule dates, location, surveying accuracy, fee, the flight path of drones and other necessary considerations.

SETP3 Flight

Measurement flight

Our drone pilot goes to site and conducts the necessary data capture. Depending on the situation of the site, we will revise the flight route, altitude, speed and make on site adjustments to conduct surveying with high accuracy.

SETP4 Data

Data processing, Delivery

We process enormous amounts of images to create and deliver 3D model data that can be imported to directly to the customer’s CAD. We can easily measure soil volume, verify the topography before construction and manage the progress of construction and other necessary functions that will improve operation efficiency.