Participation in Project for Realization of Energy Saving Society Using Robots and Drones

~ Promotion of Development of UTM System in Security Using Drones~


We are pleased to announce that Terra Drone Co. (Tokyo, CEO: Toru Tokushige) and KDDI CORPORATION (Tokyo, CEO: Koji Tanaka) made a proposal to the public offering of New Energy and Industrial Technology Development Organization (NEDO) for realization of energy saving society using robots and drones, and it has been adopted.

This project is not only to promote the development of robots and drones that can be utilized in the field of logistics, infrastructure inspections, and disasters but also to implement a society of energy saving through building systems and testing flights.

KDDI is working on the smart drone equipped with 4G LTE. On March 24th, 2017, KDDI has completed the first development phase of UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management) which is compliant with 4G LTE network with Terra Drone in Niigata Prefecture, Japan, and succeeded in the first autonomous drone flight through 4G LTE network in Japan.

In this project, Terra Drone and KDDI use the know-how that each company has cultivated in the smart drone platform with the cooperation of Secom Co., Ltd. Japanese security company, to promote the development of UTM and safer robots and drones for supporting the security of wide-area such as a stadium for international events and coastal area.

■ Outline of the Project

・To build the system and conduct flight tests for social implementation so that development of robots and drones can be promoted in the field of logistics, infrastructure inspections, and disasters.

・R & D
– Development of performance evaluation criteria for robots and drones

–  Development of UTM and the collision-avoidance technology

–  Promotion of international standardization

・KDDI and Terra Drone develop UTM and the collision-avoidance technology for security using drones.

■ Roles

Terra Drone:

–  Promote this project as a joint implementation organization

–  Develop UTM for the security system


–  Promote this project as a representative organization

–  Develop security applications using a drone

–  Develop cooperative system of UTM and LTE for the security system

–  Evaluate drones, maps, security applications and perform demonstration experiments


■ Unmanned Traffic Management System

   Smart Drone Platform consists of drone connected with 4G LTE network, the 3D map, traffic management, and cloud. KDDI and Terra Drone set out to provide the total solutions of the smart drone using the mobile telecommunication network, cloud service such as accumulation and analysis of data acquired by drone, and traffic management system for preventing collision among drones by using the 3D map.

■Image of the 3D Map and Autonomous Drone Flight


■Smart Drone Platform


Terra Drone Co.

Terra Drone Co. is the No.1 commercial drone service company in Japan providing useful services for controlling the volume of soil and manage the progress of construction with photogrammetry using a drone (UAV), and high-precision 3D drawings in a short time, and also offering Lidar solutions. Terra Drone has worked more than 300 times in national civil engineering survey by drone.

   Besides, Terra Drone has also developed UTM (UAV Traffic Management) business, a system that grasps real-time location information of unmanned aerial vehicles and supports efficient and safe flights of many drones. Terra Drone is the largest shareholder of Unifly, the world’s leading UTM company in Belgium.

Terra Drone has its branch office in Brisbane, Australia and develops a different UAV, Power Lifter which can flight two hours continuously and lift up the heavy payload up to 10Kg. Terra Motors Co., our group company, manufactures two and three wheel motorcycles in Asia selling 30,000 per year and its overseas sale is 85%.


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