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Terra Drone Corporation(referred to as We) promotes protection of personal information by stipulating privacy policy as follows, building structure of protecting personal information, and let all employees be thorough with operation of personal information protection while recognizing importance of personal information protection.

Management of Personal Information
We conduct strict management of personal information by executing safety remedy. We execute necessary implementation such as maintainance of security system, preparation of management system, thoroughness of employee education in order to keep customers' personal information latest and refrain from unauthorized access, loss, corruption, manipulation, leak, etc.
Purpose of Personal Information Usage
We use personal information provided from customers to send email or documents as introduction of our service or reply to inquiries.
Prohibition of Disclosure and Provision of Personal Information to Third Party
We do not disclose personal information to third party except for some following cases in terms of appropriate management of personal information provided from customers.
  • There is consent between customers and us
  • There is necessity of disclosing to our outsource contractors in order to provide services which customers desire
  • There is necessity of disclosing based on laws and ordinances
Safety Remedy of Personal Information
We conduct all possible measures for information security in order to assure accuracy and security of personal information.
Referrence of the Person Oneself
We address customers request for referrence, correction, and deletion of personal information while confirming identification of the person oneself.
Obeyance and Review of Laws and Ordinances
We try to review or improve of this policy contents while obeying laws and the other ordinances of Japan which are adopted in terms of stored personal information. Please contact us below for handling personal information of us.
Conduct of Right of EU General Data Protection Regulation 2016 (the "GDPR")
Although those who lives in a member state of the European Union and applies target of GDPR are able to exercise of a right on GDPR, data acquired before 25th May, 2018 is not applicable of this right.
Applicable customers are able to petition for redress in case that personal information protection policy is not appropriately proceeded.
Revision History
1st Dec. 2016 Enacted
17th Jul. 2017 Amended
25th May. 2018 Amended

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