Terra Wing

Terra Wing is a professional, efficient and precise mapping tool.
The product is dedicated to 2D & 3D mapping applications in surveying, mining, power engineering, forestry or agriculture.

Terra wing

Service Features

  • Surveying image


    2D & 3D mapping
    Maps and measurements–for surveying
    Construction and mining

  • Power Engineering image

    Power Engineering

    Electric power lines inspections
    Renewable energy infrastructure
    Oil & Gas

  • Environment image


    RGB mapping for agriculture
    Forestry and environment


  1. STEP1Plan

    step_01 Plan image

    Plan Your flight in accordance with airspace regulations, law, weather and safety factors using Mission Manager software.

  2. STEP2Flight

    step_02 Flight image

    Flight Your fully autonomous mission having a full control at any moment you need thanks to a dedicated controller and GSM connection link.

  3. STEP3Create

    step_03 Create image

    Create Products and analysis using post-processing.

User Cases

  • User Case 1  Surveying image

    User Case 1 Surveying

    Customer profile:
    Surveying and construction companies
    Mines/quarries, Transport infrastructure operators
    Local authorities
    - Ortophotomaps and 3D terrain models
    - Dimensions, area and volume calculations
    - Volume measurement for mining industry
    - Construction progress analysis at interval flights
    - Roads and railroads mapping and inspection
  • User Case 2  Environment image

    User Case 2 Environment

    Customer profile:
    Farmers, Forest inspectorates
    National parks, Maritime administration,
    Environmental organizations, Water management.
    - Vegetation index maps for fertilization optimization
    - Forest and crop diseases detection
    - Underground coal seam fire thermal maps
    - Coastline and riverbed inspedtions
  • User Case 3  Power Engineering image

    User Case 3 Power Engineering

    Customer profile:
    Oil and gas companies
    Transmission system operators
    - Electric transmission infrastructure inspection
    - Renewable energy infrastructure inspection
    - Emergency flights for failure location
    - Pipeline inspection and leaks detection