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Drone Industry Insight recognizes that this feat was made possible by Terra Drone’s rapid growth across a wide range of industries and geographic regions. Terra Drone has a presence in more than 25 countries around the world and continues to partner with manufacturers of cutting-edge drone technology.


The most reputable drone service provider

Terra Drone is the leading provider of geographic data acquisition, industrial inspections, and high-end aerial imagery, using unmanned aircraft (UAVs).

Experts in their field, Terra Drone have extensive knowledge and experience in geodesy, topographic surveying, CVI and thermal inspections, LIDAR, aerial imagery and 3D visualisations into one company.

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With a operators around the world, Terra Drone provides a worldwide service, but with the added benefit of local knowledge for each country and territory we operate in

Quality and saftey is of paramount importance, we ensure a successful and safe execution of operations in the challenging environments of our clients, both on- and offshore.

Cutting edge technology from around the world

Terra Drone offer Ut Drone inspections with certified thickness, on industrial assets removing the necessity to work at heights.  

The 3D-laserscanning is based on compliance and meets standards EEMUA-159 or API-653

LiDAR Technology

Terra Drone uses the latest UAV LiDAR technology to provide clients with extremely high quality 3D point clouds at survey grade. The LiDAR data is classified by our dedicated data processing team to show ground levels beneath vegetated areas. The ability of the LiDAR to penetrate through vegetated areas combined with the efficiency and range of the UAV system makes this an extremely effective tool for high grade surveying in difficult areas.

UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management)

Terra UTM is a platform that delivers peace of mind to commercialdrone operators.The one-stop-solution enables safe and easy usage of drones bybringing all essential information such as national drone laws,local regulations, weather, topography, radio waves, etc., on thefingertips of drone pilots.This easy access to essential information allows drone operators tofocus on their core mission instead of worrying about externalfactors and regulatory procedures.



Construction & Infrastructure

Perform basic surveys with ease to design, calculate and plan. LiDAR and Photogrammetry are suitable for providing topographic mapping for this purpose. Check progress by capturing the situation in a whole new perspective.

Oil & Gas

Oil & Gas

Drones are perfect for replacing human involvement in dangerous areas: confined spaces and vertical structures. In addition, multiple sensors can be attached to the drone to provide insightful information for everyone to use.



From exploration to reclamation, drones can be used by mining consultants, contractors, owners or even traders. Drones can be used for aeromagnetic surveys, topography, GPR, operations monitoring, stock pile calculations, and more.


Plantation & Industrial Forest

The plantation sector has been using drones for years. Good for land management audits, tree censuses, pest detection, flood analysis, garden design, and others. Information from the air will help plantation managers to act on the real situation.

Urban Planning

Urban Planning

The quality of data captured by drones has a high level of clarity, capable of providing valuable information on an area. It can be used to assist the government in managing urban areas, creating a structured city.


Power Generation & Utilities

Thousands of kilometers of transmission lines and pipelines are essential to the needs of the community but are vulnerable to hazards: encroachment, unidentified buildings, wiretapping, trees, wildlife, etc. Drones will be a handy tool to answer that.

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