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Terra Drone Sets Eyes on Agriculture – Introduces Company’s First Crop-Spraying UAV –

July 28, 2016

Terra Drone Sets Eyes on Agriculture

– Introduces Company’s First Crop-Spraying UAV –

Tokyo, Japan- July 28, 2016 — Terra Drone, Asia’s leading service provider of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), Thursday announced the launch of a crop-spraying agricultural UAV.

Terra Drone, based in Tokyo, Japan, is a UAV pioneer in surveying and analyzing site conditions of job sites within the construction industry. The company was born as a part of Terra Group, selling 30,000 electric vehicles annually in Asia. With the success in land-surveying, Terra Drone choses agriculture as the next field to explore. Terra 1 Series, a crop spraying agricultural UAV, will be released in this autumn.

“The launch of Terra 1 Series displays our development skills, which we acquired by EV manufacturing,” said Toru Tokushige, CEO of Terra Drone. “With this new product, we’ve shown that Terra Drone can not only offer services for construction sectors, but also develop hardware to customers.

Terra 1 Series is already used by crop-pesticide service providers in Chiba, Japan.
“Terra’s UAV is easy to use.” said Hiroearo corp., Ltd. “Compared with a conventional crop-pesticide helicopter, huge difference is its size. Terra 1 series can be carried by just one person, which is difficult for the conventional helicopter.”

The product is small for a pesticide-spraying helicopter, and thus allows a more simplistic usage and transportation experience for the users. The weight of the helicopter is only 15kg, making it possible for a single person to lift up and move the vehicle. Because of the helicopter’s compact size and lightweight, the helicopter can be placed onto cars like station wagons, allowing an easier transportation method than conventional models of the same function.

The size also enables the helicopter to be fully utilized in narrower farmlands, where other larger models will struggle to perform. Pesticide sprinklers are attached at 4 distinct places on the helicopter, ensuring that the pesticide will be sprayed thoroughly. The amount of pesticide used can be altered according to the environment through the use of a hand-held controller.
There are also merits to use Terra 1 Series in terms of costs.

  • Reasonably Priced UAV

Terra 1 Series costs only 1/3 of the price of conventional crop-spraying helicopters.

  • Reasonable Running Cost

It is possible to keep total costs which includes maintenance, repair and insurance below 1/4 of that of conventional crop-spraying helicopters (estimated by Terra Drone).

Terra Drone is currently on the process of obtaining certification by Japanese Aeronautic Association to build reliability for our UAV. In the future, our company plans on building partnerships with distributors, learning centers and maintenance facilities etc. and selling the products throughout Japan. In addition, we are currently preparing to expand our services not only in Japan, but to Asia as well. We are simultaneously working on the practical usage of the identical helicopter and the development of auto-piloting technology in the agriculture, land-surveying and disaster prevention sectors.
About Terra Drone
Terra Drone is a UAV and software manufacturer based in Tokyo. By using UAVs, Terra Drone also delivers civil engineering surveying services for construction companies and analyzes data. With a wide range of uses for UAVs, Terra Drone also helps companies to carry out inspection of complex job sites, such as those in construction, oil and gas extraction, and agriculture.
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