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Achieved a demonstration experiment utilizing Terra UTM within an area is prefecture-organised, Nagoya airport

We are four companies (Terra Drone Co., Ltd. [Head office: Shibuya-Ku, Tokyo-pre CEO: Toru Tokushige], Nagoya Railroad Co., Ltd. [Head office: Nagoya-shi, Aichi-pre CEO: Ryuji Ando], Naka-Nihon Air Service Co., Ltd. [Head office: Nishi Kasugai-gun Toyama-machi, Aichi-pre CEO: Taku Shibata], KoHaTa Inc. [Head office: Asahikawa-shi, Hokkaido-pre CEO: Mitsunori Kohata]) that have successfully demonstrated practical usage of UAV in inspecting some institutions and runway.
In this time, we organized a demonstration experiment in the parking area of Nagoya airport and the rooftop of Naka-Nihon Air Service’s building. It was conducted as a three-time (each flight 15 mins) flight operation. We were able to calculate 3D data of the runway road and the structure of rooftop, by managing the flight operation with an air photometry drone that was equipped with a laser function called TOKI.
We will keep developing our inspection services using drones based on the result of this experiment, to provide an efficient system for inspecting all institutions in airports in the near future.
The details are described below.
1. Experiment contents – One demonstration experiment was to use a drone for inspecting the Runway and some institutions.
• To inspect the Runway, institutions and hanger using the drone (TOKI).
• To shoot by aerial photometry drone.
• To manage the flight operation by Terra UTM (A software)
2. Date – 2017/9/1 (Friday) 5:00 to 6:00
3. Venue – The parking area in prefecture-organised Nagoya airport, the rooftop of Naka-Nihon Air Service’s building

【Company Info】
○Terra Drone Co., Ltd.
Paid in Capital:¥133 millions
Description of the business: Land survey(Civil engineer, Mining, Construction), Infrastructure inspection(i.e. Bridge, Institutions ), Global provider of Drone for commercial usage, to provide for more than 400 services annually, Terra UTM(Drone operation management system), Terra Mapper(Data analysis software), To develop software systems.
【Drone Outline】
○Laser survey equipment with a drone (TOKI)
Flight time:20mins
Weight:Around 30kg
Equipment:VUX-1(Riegl type)

○Air photometry and management use of Drone(Phantom4 Pro)
Flight time:30mins
○A software is used for flight operation management
We used the software, Terra UTM, which was developed by Terra Drone to complete automatic drone operations safely. It enables us to monitor the flight operated by drones in real-time as well as capture some photos automatically according to the prescribed configuration set by the user. Set the flight plan beforehand with consideration of weather conditions and map location.
After the flight operation, it is possible to either manage flight log or process data analysis only by utilising Terra Mapper.
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