December 2017

Utilizing Autonomous UAV Photogrammetry for Stadium Inspection

  With a combined effort from Terra Drone Co. Ltd and Tokyu Community Co. Ltd, Major Property Management Company in Japan. Head office: Setagaya-Ku, Tokyo, Japan, were able to introduce an autonomous drone flight photogrammetry for the maintenance of Shizuoka Ecopa Stadium. In doing so, this helped with the development of the efficiency of business

Infrared Camera Inspection By A Drone – Spring Tree Solar Power Plant

Terra Drone Co., Ltd  conducted an inspection on a spring tree solar power plant owned by Looop Inc, Japanese solar energy equipment supplier, using a drone equipped with an infrared camera. This is the first time that Looop conducted an infrared camera inspection by a drone. The spring tree solar power plant is located in

Survey of Cliff Wall Using 3D Laser Scanner and UAV

Terra Drone Co., Ltd was contracted on disaster mitigation project in Hokkaido, Japan to conduct a laser drone survey solution. Comparison between traditional way with new technology, has offered safer and faster construction management by using sophisticated 3D land surveying.   The slope is precipitous cliff, where is easily occurred disasters like falling rocks and

World’s First fully Autonomous Flight of "Smart Drone" Utilizing Mobile Communication Network and 3D Map

Terra Drone Co., Ltd., a leading Japanese industrial drone service provider, and KDDI Corporation,  a Japanese telecommunications operator succeeded in a fully autonomous flight experiment of “Smart Drone” using “3D map” and “Drone Port.” As a result of the experiment, the world’s first long-distance drone flight of about 6.3 km via the “Drone Port” which