February 2021

Terra Drone, INPEX Launch “INPEX-Terra Drone Intelligent Drone Plan”

                                        Terra Drone Corporation INPEX CORPORATION Terra Drone Corp. (Terra Drone) and INPEX CORPORATION (INPEX) jointly announced today a capital tie-up and the launch of the INPEX-Terra Drone Intelligent Drone Plan (the Plan). Terra Drone is an air mobility startup with technical expertise in automated flight and operational management of air mobility solutions

Terra Drone Secures USD 14.4 Million in Series A Funding

Terra Drone Corporation, the world’s leading drone solution provider, today announced the closing of a JPY 1.5 billion (USD 14.4 million) Series A round. The fundraising was organised by INPEX, Japan’s largest oil and gas exploration and production company, and Nanto CVC No.2 Investment LLP (General Partner: Venture Labo Investment and Nanto Capital Partners, a