Terra Drone Corporation

Terra Drone Corporation is one of the largest drone service providers in the world. Offering cutting-edge solutions for aerial survey, infrastructure inspection and data analysis. Terra Drone is headquartered in Japan and has presence in all parts of the world.

Founded in 2016, Terra Drone’s core strategy is to combine cutting-edge technology, with local know-how, by acquiring the best local drone service providers globally.

About Us

We provide innovative and reliable drone services by leveraging the advances in unmanned hardware, sophisticated LiDAR and photogrammetric surveying methods, and drone data processing techniques powered by machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies.

At Terra Drone, we also enable governments, enterprises, and organizations across the world to bridge the gap between manned and unmanned aviation through our proprietary drone traffic management system or UTM (unmanned traffic management) platform.

As one of the most promising drone startups in the world, we are proud to provide unparallel solutions and services for sectors like construction, utilities, mining, and oil and gas, among others.

Terra Way


Sky-high goals

We are committed to being the #1 industrial drone solutions provider in the world. To that end, we must continuously invent, design, and develop breakthrough drone hardware, software, solutions, and services.


Grit and ownership

We must meet stakeholder expectation in a consistent and constructive manner. We strive to hire and retain the most qualified professionals who are tenacious, resilient, and can make lemonades out of lemons.


Quad speed

If we are to offer high-quality drone services at competitive prices, we must havethe ability to make critical decisions swiftly, anticipate changes in the marketplace, and react to them quickly without losing our long-term focus

Number 1 Drone Company in the World

Terra Drone was recognised in 2020 as the ‘No 1 Global Remote Sensing Drone Service Provider’ in the ‘Drone Service Provider Ranking 2020’ by Drone Industry Insights, a global drone market research company. Although severely affected by Covid-19, Terra Drone increased its revenue and profits in 2020. The consolidated annual revenue is approximately USD 20 million.


In 2020, Terra Drone Corporation has secured the closing of a JPY 1.5 billion (USD 14.4 million) Series A round. The fundraising was organised by INPEX, Japan’s largest oil and gas exploration and production company, and Nanto CVC No.2 Investment LLP (General Partner: Venture Labo Investment and Nanto Capital Partners, a wholly owned subsidiary of Nanto Bank) through third-party allotment, and with several financial institutions through loan agreement.

The investment will allow Terra Drone to further develop technologies and grow the client base. The drone-based solutions will contribute to the industries by enhancing safety and efficiency.