Mining Site Daily Monitoring

Modeling mining exploitation areas such as pits and stockpiles is one of the most widely used photogrammetric approaches in the mining industry, and drones have an important role to do this work.

The process is fast and precise. Land modeling using drones is an attractive option for assessing environmental changes, calculating the volume excavated, monitoring the activities of contractors and third parties, and documenting reclamation.

Open Hole Model for Volumetric Analysis

In mining operations, volume is an important factor. Be it the stockpile volume or the extraction volume. Both can be used to estimate production at a given location.

By using drones, open pit and stockpile models can be produced in a timely manner and with precise results, providing high resolution and high accuracy calculations with a high degree of confidence.


Unsupported Underground Tunnel Model Easily and Safely

Underground tunnels can be the most dangerous environment for people to work in. There are some unsupported areas that have a high risk for incidents to occur. However, rock formation must be monitored and modeled appropriately to understand what is going on at the mining site. By using Terra Slam, an anti-collision multirotor equipped with mini LiDAR, tunnel modeling can be easily carried out in a safe manner.

Innovation in Metal Exploration: Magnetic Surveying Drones

Tools and sensors play an important role in mining exploration, especially when it comes to metals and minerals. Magnetic anomaly is one of the factors that is measured and evaluated to find the location of certain mineral indications. By conducting surveys using drones, more paths can be obtained in one day compared to ground surveys, and can be used in inaccessible or dangerous areas, the perfect new companion for geophysicists.


Penetration Radar Scan Land Remote for Soil Structure

GPR drones are lightweight (compared to manned aircraft or helicopters), easy to transport by car and capable of autonomous flight at low altitudes with high precision. Such an approach ensures the delivery of accurate survey results, is also safer for personnel and more time efficient.

GPR mounted on the drone allows it to see through ground, ice, rock, fresh water and buildings or through structures in unsafe and hazardous environments without compromising staff safety, providing an additional solution for more efficient surveys.

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