Renewables & Utilities

Wind Turbine Inspection

It is not always possible to rely on human sight, to assess the condition of hazardous facilities, such as flare stacks without potential risk to life. Terra Drone tackle this issue by providing visual inspections using drones, which can reduce human risk significantly, without any detriment to the quality of data captured.

Operations can be undertaken on vessels sourced by Terra Drone or using a clients existing vessel on task. Coordination is key to success and Terra Drone regularly work with other industry partners, to perform subsurface inspections in conjunction with top side inspections.

Powerline Inspection

Tower or pole can be easily inspected using a drone equipped with a zoom camera. Pictures of tower equipment such as insulator, spacer, cable, and other object can be captured to understand the situation in detail.

Insulator can also be inspected using the fully-autonomous FOS to obtain very clear pictures for the AI to review & the inspector to provide an assessment.

Vegetation Management

Mapping approach is used to get the model of the surrounding vegetation. In the 2D data, the coordinate of the towers can be identified for asset location tracking. This can be used to collect accurate coordinates of the assets. Besides, ROW encroachment can also be identified by looking at the safe area below the powerline. This depends on the local regulation and the formula will follow the restrictions & limitations that are introduced by that regulation.

Boiler Tube Thickness Measurement

Equipped with a UT gauge to measure the thickness of a wall made from metal. The solution can also be used to measure the thickness of boiler tubes, as long as the tubes are made of steel/ aluminum. The drone is also equipped with a sand blasting mechanism which can blast the coating & painting, so there is no need for a deep cleaning prior to the inspection.


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