Electric Utilities

A cost-effective bird’s-eye view into your critical utility assets

Solution for power asset management

The new drone-based solution set for the maintenance of power transmission and distribution equipment was developed after inspecting over 90,000 km of power lines throughout the world.
It minimizes the time taken for inspection and data processing and improves workers’ safety.

AI-based automatic analysis

Acquired data is automatically processed and analyzed by artificial intelligence algorithms which are trained to detect rust on bolts, loosening of tower parts, bird’s nest, etc., and creates a smart report, highlighting the areas that require action.

Introduction Flow

1Meeting,2PoC,3Deployment Planning,4Customize,5Operation 1Meeting,2PoC,3Deployment Planning,4Customize,5Operation



Automatic AI diagnostics

  • 90+% precision algorithm trained by processing around 1500 images for one and a half month
  • High security level with options of on-premises- or cloud-based storage location
  • Automatic report generation
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Supported Drones

  • Phantom 4 RTK

  • Matrice 210 RTK v2

  • ATS Ai450 v2.5 ER

  • Terra Wing Geo

  • Terra Atlas C4EYE

  • Terra Bramor ppX