Quicker, smarter decision-making with autonomous data collection and processing

We provide mining solutions for both open-pit and underground mines.We capture actionable data in challenging GPS-denied environments using SLAM technology.We help you boost productivity and profitability while de-risking the site.

Openpit Mine

In an open-pit or open-cast mine, the terrain changes every day and there is a need to create a new mining plan every week. We provide credible data for each situation, such as pit selection, volume calculation, etc.

  • Speedy delivery with high accuracy
  • Expert training for in
  • house operators
  • Drone-based surveillance services for illegal

Underground Mine

Terra SLAM is our in-house system for safer underground mining operations.
Our proprietary SLAM system guides a drone from one point to another without manual control and maps unknown zones simultaneously without using GNSS or any external installations.
The solution provides unprecedented safety to the lives of the people who are working in underground mines.

  • Extracts data from hard-to-reach places
  • Ensures safety of human life
  • High accuracy and dense data
  • This ramp system was captured quickly and efficiently to provide cost-effective reporting on state and condition.
    (Montana, US)

  • This stope was scanned in two flights, from two access points.
    Multiple flights are often merged into a single model of complex areas. (Democratic Republic of Congo)

  • This scan was captured, and interior artifacts removed, to create a model of the rock cavity prior to repurposing for new equipment. Unlike simple imagery, measurements can be made and the coordinate of any point can be queried in the point cloud.
    (Sudbury, Canada)

  • Complicated underground environments such as this crusher station can be easily captured in a single scan, to validate as-built conditions, and for clash detection for new engineering.

  • Stopes are often scanned over time for monitoring development and volumes.
    (Sudbury, Canada)

  • This complicated cavity was scanned in three flights. Human access was limited due to unstable ground.
    (Manitoba, Canada)

  • The UAV platform allows remote access to inspect, document and measure dangerous areas such as this fall of material.
    (Ontario, Canada)