Drone-based inspection services for onshore and offshore oil and gas facilities

Terra Drone provides drone inspection service for Oil&Gas assest management ,which enables inspection in difficult and dangerous place for human to reach. Our drone solutions dramatically change asset management in terms of safety, efficiency, and accuracy.

Visual Inspection

Terra Drone’s small unmanned aircraft (drones) are capable of reaching places that are difficult, expensive, dangerous, ‘live’, or even impossible to approach by manned inspection teams. With different-sized drones at its disposal,.

  • Cost-effective and quick alternative for traditional manned inspections that rely on dangerous, time-consuming, and costly methods like scaffolding, crane, or rope-access.
  • Applicable for indoor, onshore and offshore installations and objects.
  • Using drones allows a range of remote sensors to be put into close proximity to the object being installed or inspected.

UT measurement

The UT drone is Terra Drone's proprietary development and is based on patented technology that enables the drone to firmly and precisely press the UT probe against a surface. The drone has been specially developed for indoor use in industrial confined spaces and can be controlled in the presence of steel and concrete.

Reduced HSE risk by mitigating work at height and confined space entry.

  • Reduce (scaffolding) costs.
  • Lower downtime of assets.
  • Easy deployment, faster data gathering – full
    API653 grid of 300 points executed in <1day>.
  • Certified measurements at 0,1mm accuracy validated
    by Level 2 NDT engineer.
  • Detailed monitoring of measurements live on screen.
  • No permits from aviation authority needed for indoor flying.
  • No weather dependency when flying indoors.

Confined Space Inspection

Our solution allows inspections to take place without personnel climbing the tank or erecting scaffolding inside the tank, significantly reducing risk to life, time for inspection and improving both the quality and repeatability of the data sets. This combination of benefits not only reduces risk and cost but, through the data analysis software, will allow clients to identify trends with identified anomalies.

The images generated by the UAV captured a level of detail equivalent to that of the human eye from a distance of 1.5 m
Eliminate the risk of damaging the coat from not needing to erect scaffolding;
Time saving – drone inspection take only few hours or a day. Compared to rope access the savings are considerable;
Cost reduction;
Access 100% of tank area;
Easy to carry – 17kg transport case;

3D modeling

3D asset management expands the scope of project management beyond controlling the asset on the basis of what it was in the past or what it may be in the future to whatit is right now.

• Makes more frequent inspections possible because of cost-effectiveness and fast datacollection
• Allows to understand the existing conditions of any structure for timely intervention and future maintenance-
• Reduces the risk of injuries to workers by eliminating the need to reach dangerous areas