UTM (Unmanned Traffic Management)

Ensuring safe and secure integration of drones in the society

About UTM

Terra UTM is a platform that delivers peace of mind to commercialdrone operators.The one-stop-solution enables safe and easy usage of drones bybringing all essential information such as national drone laws,local regulations, weather, topography, radio waves, etc., on thefingertips of drone pilots.This easy access to essential information allows drone operators tofocus on their core mission instead of worrying about externalfactors and regulatory procedures.


Pre-Flight: Register all essential fleet management data including the drone’s model or unique ID, operators’ contact information, flight plans, and payloads.

In-Flight: Stay abreast with not only the exact flying position of a drone, but also other important parameters, such as, surrounding controlled airspaces, positions of manned aircrafts, GIS data, and weather information to support safe flight of drones.

Post-Flight: Get one-click access to flight logs and data acquired. Manage and share the data captured easily for subsequent processes like SfM.

Terra UTM has been designed and developed to enable full automation – Level 5 of drone autonomy. The rapidly developing platform integrates all those technologies that are necessary for Beyond Visual Line of Sight (BVLOS) operations of drones. We are continuously ramping up capabilities in telecommunications control, object detection, battery charge automation, and so forth.

Our ultimate goal is to bridge the gap between manned and unmanned aviation and ensure safer skies for all to accelerate the adoption of drones by various industries.


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