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Terra Drone Berinvestasi di Perusahaan Jasa Drone AeroGeosurvey Indonesia

AeroGeosurvey Indonesia menjadi bagian dari grup global Terra Drone dan poros di Asia Tenggara Pada Januari 2019, telah dilakukan kolaborasi antara Terra Drone dengan AeroGeosurvey Indonesia melalui investasi berupa modal dan teknologi. Sebagai hasil kolaborasi tersebut, AeroGeosurvey Indonesia tergabung menjadi bagian dari grup global Terra Drone dengan identitas baru: Terra Drone Indonesia. Terra Drone akan

Terra Drone Invested in Indonesia’s Drone Service Company AeroGeosurvey

  In January 2019, there has been a collaboration between Terra Drone Corporation and AeroGeosurvey Indonesia through investment in form of capital and technology. The result of this collaboration made AeroGeosurvey as part of Terra Drone global group with a new identity: Terra Drone Indonesia. By having technology provided by Terra Drone Corporation, Terra Drone

Japan’s First Human Detecting Smart Drone Stadium Security

KDDI CORPORATION (Headquarters:Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President Makoto Takahashi, hereinafter called “KDDI”), Terra Drone Ltd. (Headquarters:Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Toru Tokushige, hereinafter called “Terra Drone”) and SECOM CO., LTD. (Headquarters:Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President Yasuo Nakayama, hereinafter called “SECOM”), in cooperation with Saitama Stadium 2002 (Saitama-shi, Saitama), became the first Japanese companies to demonstrate the drone security and surveillance system

Terra Drone Japan and Plimsoll UAV in Brazil sign a joint venture agreement〜Establishment of Terra Drone Brazil aimed for expanding oil &gas business〜

  Terra Drone Japan (Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO Toru Tokushige) and Plimsoll UAV (Rio das Ostras, Brazil, CEO Marcelo Belleti) announce the establishment of a joint venture called Terra Drone Brazil.   Terra Drone Ltd. is a Japan-based UAV company, which serves its clients with safer and more efficient surveys and inspections by using cutting-edge drone technologies. Plimsoll UAV, in which Terra

Terra Drone enter a new field ‘flying car’ business〜Supporting CARTIVATOR, which is aiming at a demo flight in 2020〜

Terra Drone Corporation (Shibuya-ku Tokyo CEO Toru Tokushige following as Terra-Drone) finalised the sponsor contract with CARTIVATOR Resource Management Association (following as CARTIVATOR) running ‘first flying car in Japan’ inventive projects named CARTIVATOR. ■Thoughts of Terra Drone ‘We are incredibly excited to be supporting CARTIVATOR in challenging for practical application of the flying car’ said Terra Drone’s COO Teppei Seki. ‘Terra Drone is the drone industry-leading

Terra Drone acquires Skeye to accelerate global expansion.

Terra Drone Ltd, a global company with its headquarters in Japan, has acquired a majority stake in the leading European drone service provider Skeye. Skeye will become the European headquarters of Terra Drone. With this acquisition Terra Drone has become one of the largest drone service company with more than 250 employees and presence in

Terra Drone acquires significant stake in Inkonova.

Terra Drone acquires significant stake in Inkonova. Terra Drone, a leading global commercial drone technology company , acquires a significant stake in Swedish aerial robotics for underground mining startup, Inkonova AB. Tokyo, Oct, 11 2018 – Terra Drone’s UAV inspection, survey, and other service provisions cover various industries globally including mining; Inkonova’s main market. The

Terra Drone Corporation Developed New Function of Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) Traffic Management (UTM) with Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings in technical verification to Realize "Drone Highway Initiative." ~World’s First Success in Utilizing Simulated Data Acquired from Meteorological Observation Instrument Attached to Power Transmission Facility, Carried out Automatic Drone Flight.~

Overview Terra Drone Corporation have developed UTM’s new function based on Terra UTM, in regards to the technical verification of “Drone Highway Initiative.” * 1 Tokyo Electronic Ventures (TEPCO Ventures)* 2 and Zenrin Co., Ltd. are promoting. In March 2018, in cooperation with the TEPCO group, Terra Drone carried out Automatic drone flight utilizing simulated